[200q20v] Tranny Replacement

Phil Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Mon Feb 19 00:33:12 EST 2001

At 8:44 PM -0700 2/18/01, Calvin & Diana Craig wrote:
>My transmission recently failed in my '91 200TQ...typical whining in 1st and
>2nd gear symptom.  I have got a line on a brand new tranny but it is for an
>89 200 TQ listed as part number 016-300-052R, code is AUM.  Will this tranny
>work?  Or, for that matter, will most tranny's from the later 5k's & 200's
>work?  Thanks for any help.

Calvin's tranny whining symptom might be "typical", but since it's 
even more typical for the tranny not to fail, I for one don't know 
exactly what to listen for.

Calvin, can you describe the noise? Did it happen under applied 
throttle, or off-throttle? Both?  My tranny has started making a 
faint scraping "gear noise" but _only_ while  coasting off-throttle 
(engine braking).  I wouldn't call it "whining". More like the kind 
of sound  the brake dust shield makes when it's lightly scraped by 
the rotor.

It's I who's whining. I'd like my tranny noise to stop.  :-(


Phil Rose
Rochester, NY
mailto:pjrose at frontiernet.net

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