[200q20v] Was Reusing gaskets; added slight eS2 update

Brandon Hull brandon at cardinalpartners.com
Mon Feb 19 14:25:01 EST 2001

In my youth, spent with British cars of all persuasions, I used gasket maker
gunk all the time in lieu of gaskets: a) it was cheaper; b) the tolerances
are so bad on a Triumph, Austin Healey, Jaguar, that you got a better seal.
I remember looking at this thin paper water pump gasket for a 4.2, then at
the wavy machined face of the pump and just laughing.

On the 3B rebuild I did, I used both new gaskets and RTV. Prolly silly.  But
I'm prompted to ask another question: How many other medium (100K) mileage
engines are getting significant blow by?  I have a fair amount of oil
weeping out of my well prepped gaskets and also into the distributer, caused
I believe by a blow-by pressurized crankcase.  (Aside from my flying
dipstick issues of last year) Even the camshaft cover gasket is weeping up
front, despite being new, and treated both sides with RTV prior to install.
Methinks that's a lot of pressure, would have to be to overwhelm the
crankcase breather.

On another note, at long last I've taken one small step toward the proper
exhaust for the car; I (to be precise, comrade Baxter) eliminated the CQ
resonator.  The large flow Summit racing cat still necks down to the stock
CQ pipe and exits the CQ muffler.  But the sound is a tad roartier, and I
get 15lbs boost in second gear now, and up to 18 in 4/5th WOT under load.

I (actually GB again) also added the RS2/urS4 windage tray, which is
sandwiched between two new oil pan gaskets.  It requires some rat-tail file
work at the rear pan bolt holes to accomodate the new thickness.  But I had
a scare at Pocono last Nov, when all the lights and buzzers came on in a
hard right hander, at a point where one really didn't want to be lifting.
The oil level was 1/3 up the crosshatches, and I added a half quart and it
didn't recur.

Brandon H


> At the risk of starting another big brou-ha-ha on this list, 
> I'll share my
> unconventional gasketing philosophy.  With few exceptions, 
> head gaskets for
> one, I do not believe in solid gaskets, nor will I use them.  
> I much prefer
> the fluid gasketing materials, RTV being my usual preference. 
>  I have used
> it on intake and exhaust manifolds, oil pans, valve covers, 
> and all the
> other usual gasketed joints.

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