[200q20v] UFO brake pads

Wolff wolff at turboquattro.com
Mon Feb 19 18:33:56 EST 2001

It is very specialized. If you have no shimmy, then don't worry about it. I
did it because I didn't want to fork over money for a new set of rotors and
I had a good friend up for the challenge of trying to turn 'em.
Pics here:

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> I, too have to replace pads on my '91 200q20v with UFO's. I am curious to
> if you have the rotors turned when you replace the old pads. From what
I've seen
> on the "List" and Chris Miller's page, turning them is very specialized
and for
> this reason, is it safe to assume that it's not necessary? Currently, the
> work great, no signs of warping, no shimmy, etc. The pads are just getting
> I have saved a lot if info. from the lists on UFO's but never really found
> question answered.
> Thanks!
> Neil Vonhof
> Seattle
> GSTREIN at aol.com wrote:
> > In a message dated 2/12/01 9:34:51 AM, don at lilligdesign.com writes:
> >
> > << I checked with Porterfield and got the following response:
> >
> > Front pad AP 467 R-4S High Performance Street pad $89.00 and rear AP
> > 228 R-4S $69.00. That pads are priced per axle set which is 4 pieces. >>
> >
> > I just ordered a set of font pads from a local AutoZone with part #
> > for the UFO style caliper/rotor V8's and 20v's.  I wonder due to the
part #
> > including "467" if this could be made through Porterfield - perhaps this
> > just an industry standard nomenclature for the style of backing
> > thought I'd mention it in case due the ridiculously low price of
> > I'll let you all know when I get them with more on how they look.
> >
> > When you buy pads from AutoZone they come with a limited lifetime
warranty -
> > will replace parts at no charge if they wear out prior to you
> > ownership of same auto.  Very interesting!!  If these pads work well
> > never need to purchase again - as long as I keep the UFO setup.
> >
> > This brake pad was recommended by another forum member (Mike Foley) for
> > dust and good braking...he lives in Colorado so pads get considerable
use in
> > various conditions I would expect.  Thanks for the info.  Mike!
> >
> > Frank
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