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Bernie Benz b.m.benz at prodigy.net
Mon Feb 19 20:57:14 EST 2001

I will repeat my question to Brett:

Hi Brett,

Please enlighten me on the specific details of the problem that the subject
bracket is proported to solve.  I just read the write up with pictures on
the Audiworld web site, and still can not comprehend what this thing is
doing, or is suposed to do.


From: JRHbach at aol.com
Date: Mon, 19 Feb 2001 20:53:16 EST
To: 200q20v at audifans.com
Subject: [200q20v] HANS

I met Jim Downing (HANS' inventor) at PIR (Portland, OR) last year and asked
him about HANS. He has used it for years-I recall Michael Schumacher using
for a while after Senna's death in '94. I have heard that F 1 will be using
it for the upcoming season. I wouldn't mind having one for driver education
events... perhaps one day there will be the opportunity to do group
and it will be common, not a piece of safety exotica. I haven't followed
NASCAR closely, but I was deeply saddened by the death of Dale Earnhardt. If
motorsport safety advances in the aftermath it will be small consolation.

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