[200q20v] Overheating issues

digital leopard digitaleopard at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 20 14:14:05 EST 2001

Ok, I am frustrated and need some help.  Got the car back last week, and 
yesterday got the overheating alarm driving home.  Looked out the back, and 
sure enough, blowing steam.  Not a big deal, the upper radiator hose blew 
off again.  Got it home, let it cool, added coolant.  Now, get up today, and 
the overheat alarm goes off almost as soon as I start it up.  No forseeable 
reason.  Turned it off after making sure that the coolant is in the system.  
Goes off again, even though the actual temperature is ok.  Eventually it 
turns off, but on the drive there, the temperature slowly gets over the 
normal mark and it goes off again.  Evidently the fan is not working.
Any suggestions?  I mean, I love the car, I don't want to get rid of it; but 
I have to have a reliable car; if I get a call from work, I HAVE to get 
there.  If the car is overheating during the drive, it's going to overheat.  
Does anyone have any suggestions about the fan?  I'm going to check the 
fuses when I get home, but that's the extent of my electrical skills.  
Anyone seen any problems with fans simply not working before?  Has the heat 
killed it?  And;
Is there anyone here in the Denver/Boulder area who wants to try and help 
with this?  As I said, I don't have the requisite skills for the electrical 
skills; I will be glad to provide (semi-unskilled) assistance, parts, lunch, 
etc. as needed.  But I can't get the car into the only good dealership in 
the area (Stammler) in less than six weeks, and the car would be a low 
priority for them anyway.  So, I need to go (network alarm) but can anyone 
help?  Thandks-
Ron Merrell.

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