[200q20v] Overheating issues

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Tue Feb 20 12:03:09 EST 2001

Bad water temp sender/s can give that reading.  Can also prevent fans from 
going off as well.  I'd try jumping the radiator fan switch, then getting the 
actual ohm readings off the water temps senders that the ecu uses.

In a message dated 2/20/01 10:40:16 AM Central Standard Time, C1J1Miller 

> He said, the overheat alarm goes off almost as soon as it starts up, and 
> coolant level is OK.
>  I agree, sounds like the fan doesn't come on, and causes the "overheat" 
> running for a length of time, but think he's also got low coolant or 
> air in the system.
>  I've recommended in the past that everyone swap out the fuse for the fan, 
> it tends to corrode from the spray off the radiator fan. Less than a buck, 
> and about a 2 minute replacement procedure.  Keep the old one as a spare.
>  Chris

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