[200q20v] G60's vs. UFO's - ABS yes it's not purfekt

Glen Powell gpowell at ennovatenetworks.com
Tue Feb 20 13:14:12 EST 2001

Agreed 100%!  That's exactly why the statement was qualified with 'attempts
to...' but I left the insertion of "but fails to do so" to the reader.




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gpowell at ennovatenetworks.com wrote:
>Couple of things to consider...
> The best braking is not obtained with the wheels locked-up. Near
> lock-up generally provides the best stopping performance (Gs) and
> shortest stopping distances. ABS attempts to do this. Experienced
> racers do this all the time,'threshold braking' they call it I
> think, braking up to and on the threshold of lock-up.

One minor disagreement here...I think ABS is intended more to help Joe
Average Driver on the street maintain control (steerability) of the car by
avoiding lock-up as Joe mashes the brake in a panic.  ABS will not help a
car stop any shorter than a skilled driver--shortest stopping distance is
gonna be the same with or without ABS if ABS can keep up with the
sensitivity of a racer's foot--in reality, technology limits mean ABS is set
just a bit short of that.  As you note, though, a skidding tire can slide to
a stop farther than a properly braked one, so in this sense, ABS can help
shorten the stop.

Everything else you said--yup!


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