[200q20v] Overheating Problem-Update

digital leopard digitaleopard at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 21 03:38:35 EST 2001

Okay-wanted to update everyone on the status of the problem.  Once again, am 
swamped by useful info-thanks to all.  Wanted to write everyone as the 
emails came in, but could not spare the time at work (Openview crashes.  
Panic ensues.)  So-
Drove the car home.  Was planning to continue to Stammler, to pick up new 
fuses for the fan, but the car's Oil Temp gauge decides to slam over to 
about 150C, causing the temp alarm to go off.  Idiotically, it goes back 
down to 70C about two minutes later.  Am wondering if the car is haunted, or 
just annoyed at being left at Werner's for a week, waiting for parts.
(Incidentally, if you are looking for parts-or a new car-I formally 
dis-recommend Prestige Imports, of Lakewood (Denver Metro).  The parts that 
the said would be arriving Friday by next day air arrived tuesday.  And they 
lied about it the whole time.  So, for the sake of $4 in parts, they are 
losing $90000 in sales, as two of my friends have decided to go elsewhere 
for their S4 Avant and Allroad purchases.)
So, arrange for alternate transport, go forth and pick up the fuses (Got 
three-not a part I'm going to find at autozone) and return.  Status of 
suggestions recieved:

Chris Miller: Dead on.  Had to add about a gallon of antifreeze/water mix.  
Getting it in that tiny hose was fun, too.

Phil&Judy:  Driving anywhere in Denver is stop and go these days.  Honestly, 
it's mostly not too bad-usually.  Snow/Ice makes everything a parking lot, 
of course.  Replaced the old fuse-It looked ok, but why not-and will see 
tomorrow if it runs.  It is, of all things, foggy out, and don't want to 
drive it far.

Bernie:  Ye gods, man, don't scare me like that!  As I said, the radiator 
hose support snappped off, so the hose is insufficiently clamped under high 
boost.  And yes, I am planning a compression test.  Just as soon as my 
schedule is normalized (Hopefully this week).

QSHIPQ:  Fuse looked good, no crud.  Don't know exactly how to jump the fan 
side, and don't want to destroy anything, so haven't tested.  Attempting to 
enlist more electrically-minded aid.

Rob Miller & QSQ: Don't say that, please.  I replaced all of these last 
summer.  Can they acutally go bad that fast?  (Possibly due to 

Anyway, thanks to all, and will see tomorrow if car responds to gentle aid.  
If not, well, the bigger hammer theory is always there, too.
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