[200q20v] linux and quattros do not mix

Brett Dikeman quattro at brettd.dsl.speakeasy.net
Wed Feb 21 00:09:33 EST 2001

You can run linux on almost anything, but not 200q20v's.

Playing with VAG-com, Linux, and my 200q20v while driving*, I 
rebooted Linux and, as part of the particular distribution that I 
run(for the uninitiated, Linux is not like Windows; there are many 
"kinds" of linux made by different groups) , it ran a program which 
checks for new hardware(mice, USB devices, hard drives...anything 
that wasn't around last time the system booted.)

Now, if you were paying attention, you saw me say "mouse."

Let's just say that the 3B motronic ECU doesn't appreciate 
mouse/modem-type probing funny business; the check light flashed a 
few times and the engine almost stalled.  Whups.

FYI, yes, VAG-COM launches under WINE in Linux.  However, there is 
some really funky stuff  that happens when vag-com actually starts to 
try and do something useful(like, oh, say, talk to the ECU.)  Slap me 
silly and call me stupid, but that's sort of the whole point :-)  I 
haven't tried vwtool because I don't have a copy(minor problem.)

Please don't email me asking if it works yet.  I do not want to get 
emails like the following simulated email:

From: luser at webtv.net
To: Brett
Subject: re: linux and quattros do not mix


Larry User

I wonder how long it would take one of those silly little boxes to 
page through/delete 5,000 20k emails?  Hmmmm....

instead, check back occasionally at http://www.200q20v.com/~brett/vaglinux.html
(nothing there just yet)

or keep yer eyes to the ground and ears peeled.


*man, you're gullible.  As we say in Bastin, "whaddya, frikin' nuts?" 
The car was running, but quite stationary("The cah was pahkd.")
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