[200q20v] Re: linux and quattros do not mix

Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Tue Feb 20 23:06:28 EST 2001

Brett Dikeman writes:
> ...
> FYI, yes, VAG-COM launches under WINE in Linux.  However, there is 
> some really funky stuff  that happens when vag-com actually starts to 
> try and do something useful(like, oh, say, talk to the ECU.)  Slap me 
> silly and call me stupid, but that's sort of the whole point :-)  I 
> haven't tried vwtool because I don't have a copy(minor problem.)

Chances are, vwtool won't fare any better.  You see, the diag interface
to the ECUs are very timing sensitive and Uwe had said that even under
native Windoze, sometimes with other apps running or network actitivy,
etc., VAG-COM would have trouble communicating with the controllers.
Now, under Linux which is not a real-time OS, and having all sorts of
daemons running in the background, and then having VAG-COM running WINE
which emulates Windoze...  You can imagine that it would be a miracle to
have VAG-COM successfully talk to the car's controllers at all!

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