[200q20v] Where are the connectors for the Airbag ? (after KF update)

Phil & Judy Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Wed Feb 21 10:23:17 EST 2001

At 9:37 AM -0500 2/21/01, Steve Bednarski wrote:
>I also have my airbag light on for 2 minutes or so after starting the car.
>It has had the airbag update work done. I'd like to see if I can clear any
>fault codes in the Airbag controller by using Uwe Ross's VAG-COM tool.
>But where are the two Airbag diagnostic connectors?  I looked underneath the
>side panel below the driver's side console and couldn't find them.
>Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Aha!!! So perhaps that's what the two connectors I saw in that area 
were for? I was fiddling around behind that (driver's side) console 
trim panel a while ago during my heater-blower replacement surgery. I 
recall seeing two cables terminating in open  connectors. What's not 
hooked up I wondered? They didn't look at all like the ECU (driver 
footwell) type of connector with a solid mounting point.. Just a 
loose pair of wires hanging amidst the clutter of that space.

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