[200q20v] seat heater, inside door handle, auxiliary coolant pump

Vztante at aol.com Vztante at aol.com
Wed Feb 21 13:01:41 EST 2001

<<Brett's responses here are pretty much spot on. As far as the 
auxiliary pump is concerned, as Brett says, it's not a necessity in 
winter, nor--often-- even with cool summer air temps. Also, it's 
function can be compensated for by always allowing plenty of 
idle-cooldown time before shutting off the engine each time the car 
has been run hard.  But I'd want to try to get an idea about how long 
the pump has been missing. Reason: it's probably prudent to assume 
the PO didn't bother to be so cautious about shutdown procedure. If 
the pump has been gone for a very long while (years?) then the turbo 
bearings have possibly suffered more than their fair share of abuse. >>

Thanks Phil,

The owner says that he always allows some idle time for the car to cool down 
per instructions from the PO.  He told me this without my asking. 
Coincidently, the turbo was rebuilt recently.  hmmmm.

The owner said the mechanic gave him a quote of $175 for the pump.


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