[200q20v] Re: seat heater, inside door handle, auxiliary cool ant (John Hamilton)

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At 8:06 AM -0500 2/22/01, Edwards, Gregg wrote:
>How critical is the auxilliary radiator? How does that function? And suppose
>you had a small leak in it?

This radiator is not the "auxiliary pump" that's been under 
discussion. The electric auxilliary pump is intended to send coolant 
water thru the turbo--if a sensor detects excessive coolant temp a 
few minutes after shutdown. The auxilliary _radiator_, AFAIK, merely 
augments the overall engine cooling capacity. Any leak there is 
--well, a coolant leak. Not a good thing wherever it occurs. Is that 
radiator critical?--well I'm sure the car would run without it--just 
not as long or reliably, especially with A/C being used.

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>It seems as if both Brett and Phil are pretty right on, but I wouldn't be
>concerned about buying the car.  If these are the only problems that it has,
>you are doing good, and it is probably a good buy.  They are all relatively
>inexpensive, easy repairs.  If the car runs and looks like it has been take
>care of, then I wouldnt worry at all.  These engines are bulletproof. 
>Personally I wouldn't even bother fixing the trip computer; it isn't even
>that accurate.
>As for that stinking auxilary cooling system, I have had it fall off twice
>now (its a small electric piece), and my mechanic advised me just to leave
>it off.  It cost around $150 each time to replace.  He just suggested
>letting the engine cool at idle for a minute or so before shutting off. 
>Also, where is the car?  If it is someplace in Arizona, or a desert climate
>where it gets very hot, then it could be a problem if adequate cool down
>time was not alloted.
>I hope all goes well.
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