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C1J1Miller at aol.com C1J1Miller at aol.com
Thu Feb 22 13:17:33 EST 2001

Pricing for the DIYer:
New pads up front, $50 for Autozone, $100 for OEM.
Don't worry about the rotors unless warped.
Rear brakes: $180+/- for a pair of rebuilt calipers and pads through Clair Audi or similar; or take yours apart, clean them, and put them back on for nearly $0?
If the e-brake cables are rusty (possible, but not always) new cables are probably $60 for the pair.
That fixes the brakes for around $340 or less.

Other option is the bigger better newer brakes that BIRA is considering; no price yet, but somewhere around $1300 give or take; requires 16" or bigger wheels; should stop better than UFOs with less unsprung weight, and work better on the track.  To be prototyped this spring... more details as they're available.

Chip upgrade is around $500 to $600; find someone local with a chipped car and go for a ride; it's worth it IMO.

Chris, c1j1miller at aol.com

In a message dated Thu, 22 Feb 2001  1:09:20 PM Eastern Standard Time, Hartpump68 at aol.com writes:

Hello and thank you all in advance for any and all input.  I have 87000 miles 
on a stock tq and I am at the crossroads here.  Love the car, but im staring 
at an estimate for large green.  So what the heck is my dilemma?  I recently 
(summer of 2000) had the UFO's redone because I was stupid.  I also was in a 
part of the country at that time where I knew of no good mechanic.  Had I 
been home I would have had the upgrade done.  Anyway this past weekend I see 
that my eight month old rotors have deep scores on the outside half.  Im not 
a rocket scientist but im thinkin' this aint right.  The rear brakes need 
pads and the E-brake cable is frozen. Or more accurately, if the E-brake is 
pulled it wont release.  So Now comes the big questions...... 1. Do I spend 
the money on the 17 inch aluminum Porsche brakes after just having invested 
in brakes that really should still be viable.  2  If the answer to number one 
is yes then I am committed to buying the 16 or 17 inch wheels and tires to go 
around those monsters.  Can you say project creep? 3  With all of that 
stopping power I might as well do the ECU upgrade.  4.  I sell the thing and 
buy a Honda AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!   Please help me.  I am definitely 
an enthusiast and appreciate what I have in this special automobile.  I guess 
what im askin' is are the mods worth it and will I be able to dust the 
majority of the street punks in their lunch box mustangs?  Will I jeopardize 
the motors longevity by chipping it?
Chris Englehart
Scranton PA

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