[200q20v] RE: Who Let the Dogs Out? - Notes from the Dog-Catcher

Robert Dupree quattro at 21stcentury.net
Thu Feb 22 22:45:19 EST 2001

In all fairness it should be noted that the "Trainer" from the original post
should be listed as the catalyst...  I was SOOOOOO close to having Scott
convinced to try the marathon engine drop into his '84 UrQ (you know the
fabled RS2 20v swap) and then at the last minute he conned me into the LT-1
replacement as it was a known issue.

Granted we were trying to beat the bogey time for Steamboat which was less
than 4 days away when the decision was made.  I guess in some ways I define
"impulse buy".

So yes the beast lives yet again; and I am extremely happy with it.  It's
crude and obnoxious and sets off car alarms (my favorite trick).  Just
tonight a Honda (all Japanise glyphed out with the 6" exhaust) stopped and
got my attention at a light with mouth agape.  You tell people what's under
the hood and they all ask the same question; "what made you think of doing
that?".   It just goes to show why a lust for automotive power and an
affinity for beer go hand in hand...

On to the business side of things.  I need to finally redisign the WWW site
and bring it more up to date.  If anyone has any picks of the car from the
2000 season (Grattan, Mid Ohio, RA, Gingerman...) Please feel free to
forward them on.  Oddly enough I only have picks of the car under repair.

Next up for redesign is the instrument console and front sub-frame.  Money
permitting wild-ass head work and a new cam.

Owner/Chief Idiot - Team LT-1Q
In House Design - sponsored by silly amounts of Sierra Nevada draft at J.T.
Collins Bar, Chicago
Motor Supplier (paid) - A-Reliable (hopefully their supply is infinite)
Resident WorkShop - QShipQ Performance Tuning, Chicago

Many Thanks to fellow idiots: Scott J; David H; Ingo R who put in a lot of
encouragement enven though I wimped out of taking it to Steamboat.

Rob Dupree
	'84 UrQ
	'99 LT-1Q
	'88 5k_EFI_TQ (EFI not functional yet but getting closer)

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