[200q20v] Windshild cost?

Mike Miller MikeMilr at blackfoot.net
Thu Feb 22 23:02:25 EST 2001

I was quoted about $350 installed for non factory glass and about $750 installed for factory glass.

I doubt my insurance will cover the more expensive factory glass, which I hear is a little harder and less prone to pitting. But, as I expect to replace a windshield every 1-3 yrs here in Montana where they "sand" the roads with 3/8 minus pea gravel, the hardness of the windshield is not going to be a factor as far as I am concerned. The $350 will likely work just fine.

mike miller
quattro'ing in MT, where the snow is deep and the "sand" big

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Hi all,,
I got two quotes on a windshield and both were over

Surly this is way to high!
Anyone replaced a windshield lately? How much did you


Les Reid

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