[200q20v] 1st trip to dealer

Tomsaudi200 at aol.com Tomsaudi200 at aol.com
Fri Feb 23 01:37:11 EST 2001

Well guys, I finally hauled my car to my local Audi dealership, only to be 
surprised that one of the staff not only owns a 91 200 Quattro, but is also a 
fellow lister here. Not wanting to put anyone in an uncomfortable position 
here, I will not name the dealer I went to.

I had the KF recall performed (the airbag sensor). Plus a fog light bulb had 
burned out, and you guys already know the rest about the stalling, bouncing 
speedo, and the POP of the stereo. I know you guys offered possible 
explanations to my problems, which of course I appreciate. I want to approach 
a dealership with my problems as educated as I can possibly be-1. so they 
take me seriously and 2. so I can't be conned into doing unneccessary 

Wellll.......dealing with the service manager, all talk on e-mail lists 
leaves a lot of room for rumors and misinformation, or so I am told. My main 
concern here is that we are dealing with a car that was imported to America 
in the hundreds, not ten's of thousands. In any case, I feel a little better 
knowing one of the guys there has the same car as me. 

Ok, I won't keep you guys hanging any longer-here are the dealer's solutions 
to my car's problems:

POP in stereo speakers: blown diode. Cost: $193
Erratic speedo, problem believed to be linked to the stalling: printed 
computer board,. Cost: $593. 

So, we're basically talking $700 for a couple of minor problems. 

This sound in line to you guys, or am I being taken?

91 200 Quattro
95 90

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