[200q20v] 91 200 20V $$

Phil Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Fri Feb 23 12:26:54 EST 2001

At 9:19 AM +0000 2/23/01, hah at srv.net wrote:
>  >How much did these cars go for at dealers when they came out?
>>Just wondering what was MSRP or final price if anyone knows.
>Around $44-45k, IIRC. I don't have the sticker for mine, 4th owner.

 From Chris Miller's site: $42, 400 (pearl paint, taxes and 
transportation extra)

"If anyone knows"? Gosh Chewy, you don't give us much credit. :-)


P.S. As I've mentioned recently, I don't think these cars were flying 
out of the dealer's showrooms. I wonder how deeply discounted they 
managed to become before the last of them (new ones) were sold off.

Phil Rose
Rochester, NY
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