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Don't forget that back then this car had a 10% luxury tax attached to it. Washington State used $42,400 as the MSRP for licensing purposes. My tabs in 96 were over $650.

mike miller

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My original sticker says: 
Factory Installed Options and Accessories:    890.00 
Destination Charge:                                       405.00 
Total:                                                     $45,445.00 
Gasoline, license, title fees, state and local taxes and dealer installed accessories are not included. 
Sold by Prestige Imports, Inc. 
Lakewood, Colorado 
Mark Trank wrote: 

  My invoice says $45,025, including destination and pearlescent white paint 
  option charges........ 
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  Window sticker in my car's glovebox says $42,205.00 including cold weather 
  package and pearl white paint. 

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  >I've got the sticker at home; perhaps I can scan it later and post it on 
  >my site. 
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  ><< >How much did these cars go for at dealers when they came out? 
  > >Just wondering what was MSRP or final price if anyone knows. 
  > > 
  >Around $44-45k, IIRC. I don't have the sticker for mine, 4th owner. 
  >1991 200 quattro, 112k, bamboo metallic/travertine, sport seats, no phone, 
  >no cd (OEM) 
  >1988 GTI 16v, 216k, tornado red/black sport seats, no sunroof, no power 
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