[200q20v] 1st trip to dealer

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I can't believe that fixing the bouncing speedo will fix the stalling
problem.....never heard that before!

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> Hmm, it appears we have a psychic on the list...
> Yes, the Audi dealer in question is Continental Audi of Fairfield, CT.
When I
> was told the cause of the bouncing speedo was the printed computer board,
> once I heard the cost, I at first thought to just live with the problem.
> One point that seems to have been lost here was my stalling problem, which
> the dealer said is tied into the printed computer board. That being the
> I decided there was no alternative. Stalling out while downshifting into
> third in one of the most congested highways in America simply does not
> to me. BUT, and this is a big BUT, if that does not cure the problem,you
> be assured I will raise holy hell with the dealer after spending all that
> money.
> Plus, I have no mechanical experience whatsoever. I own an MG, which is a
> pretty simple car, and even that daunts me, so I would be crazy to even
lay a
> hand on such a complex car such as this one. Well, all debating aside,
> just see if the dealer called it right, and we'll go from there....
> Tom
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