[200q20v] Stalling 200

Neil Swanson 75377.3445 at compuserve.com
Sat Feb 24 16:21:05 EST 2001

OK, I bite

Toms' car was at the dealer I work at in CT.  I saw his car outside and
wondered who'd moved mine!  Matching cars with very very close vins.  He
has 92k miles, I have 175k miles.

I didn't write up Toms car aa I was slammed with other administrative
things so I had no hands on or input.

Bouncing speedo?  Yes PC board but no we won't spend a techs time to get
out the iron and attempt a fix that way.  Can't be sure it will work and a
customer wants a warranty so.......

Stalling?  Yes bypass valve maybe but a leak somewhere is very likely. If
not the valve than another hose or I've even just seen loose clamps.  Why
didn't we try that stuff?  I just don't know.  I have a good used bypass
valve under my work station I show for demos for 225hp TT owners wondering
about "that sound" between shifts.  I also show it to young S4TT owners who
are sure a Bailey valve (see any Audiworld forum) is a magic piece of

As Greg said Ward Jennings in Southport is a very good independent shop and
knows the cars.  I wouldn't blame you a bit if you gave them a try.


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