[200q20v] replacing a turbo bypass valve

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Easy as pie. Ten minutes, maybe.Can't remember the cost, like $40 or less. 
That might solve it, but before spending the moneylook carefully at the
condition of your crankcase breather hose, and run the error codes from
under the dash. Good luck
Tom F.
91 200q20v Avant: new bypass valve, idle stabilization valve, crankcase
breather hose, throttle potentiometer/idle switch, O2 sensor, plugs, wires,
rotor and distributor cap, and no stalling at all!

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Subject: [200q20v] replacing a turbo bypass valve

Would replacing ur turbo bypass valve easy as pie?, how much is the valve? &
recommended stores?.
stalling problems getting on my nerve. 1989 Audi 200
Thanks in advance audi gurus.
Oliver M. Llenado
Denver Colorado 80220
Homepage http://www8.ewebcity.com/omllenado


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