[200q20v] replacing a turbo bypass valve

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Sun Feb 25 11:45:25 EST 2001

thanks guys... next step is to get a repair manual.

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  I bought mine at Carlsen ( Bypass Valve Part #034-145-710A). Our price: 36.86 - meniton you are a Lister. Ask for Didi at 800-762-7883. 
  It's a very easy job to replace and it definitely fixed the stalling problem for me. 
  Neil Vonhof 
  91 200q20v, 130,000 miles 
  omllenado wrote: 

    Would replacing ur turbo bypass valve easy as pie?, how much is the valve? & recommended stores?. stalling problems getting on my nerve. 1989 Audi 200 Thanks in advance audi gurus. Oliver M. Llenado 
    Denver Colorado 80220 
    Homepage http://www8.ewebcity.com/omllenado  
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