[200q20v] Fuel pressure regulator

Gene Caldwell optic at halcyon.com
Mon Feb 26 02:56:02 EST 2001

Just replaced the fuel pressure regulator.  Quite a bit easier than it
first appeared.  Heck, I could actually see the part without having to
remove something else.  Discussion on this and V8 list made me realize
my symptoms could mean more than dirty injectors:

 - hard start when hot, had to push throttle open sometimes to get it to
 - took many seconds up to a minute to run 'clean' after starting
 - fuel consumption getting worse
 - somewhat ragged shutdown, but no dieseling
 - some bucking and generally slightly rowdy behavior in low speed

Now it starts up more easily without having to touch the throttle and
runs cleanly almost immediately after.  Fuel consumption appears to be
2.5-3.5 mpg better, about 24mpg hwy, still not as good as some others
I've seen mentioned here.  Shutdown cleaner and more decisive.  Low
speed behavior also improved.

I'm glad I did this before some other, more dramatic (traumatic?) effect
took place.


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