[200q20v] new shocks/springs on order; what consumables should be replaced?

Brett Dikeman brett at brettd.dsl.speakeasy.net
Mon Feb 26 15:20:03 EST 2001

Okay...h&r's and bilsteins are on order from RD Enterprises(aka Shox.com
aka ASI; very amusing; website says $389 for springs, guy on phone says
$289, internet quote is for $292 or somewhere about :-)

Nearly fainted at the total cost, but I've recovered.  Guess those wheels
and summer tires are going to have to wait a bit(have my eye on some
Summitomo's, heard good things, haven't heard bad things.)  In any case,
both Dan and Greg A have advised replacing strut tops.  I'm going to do
Greg's trick, which involves a upper spring pad set for the frots that are
slightly thinner than stock, but what else should get replaced?  Whole
rear end was re-bushinged(neat word eh?) about a year or two ago, and tie
rod ends are recent as well.  Steering is -very- sloppy/seems to drift(car
pulls unevenly; sometimes it's to the left slightly, sometimes it's to the
right, doesn't seem to matter much with the road; tried adjusting the
bolt on the rack, didn't help.)  Figured I'd sort it all out after I got
new shocks/springs in.


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