[200q20v] New Owner: 91 AUDI 200 20V Avant

David Schaible dschaible at penw.com
Tue Feb 27 09:12:41 EST 2001

sway bar bushings, & koni sports turned up + 1,  (left stock springs) gives
a nice ride for my avant...still get some brake dive upon rapid decel,  but
better than 99% of whatever else is on the road

At 08:52 AM 2/27/01 -0500, Peter Schulz wrote:
>congrats on the new purchase!
>>Will soon be a 2 quattro owner. Adding a 91 200 Avant to my stable alongside
>>the 94UrS4.I've been on the S4 list for about 2 years, so I know my way
>>around a bit and am now on the 200q20v list. Looking forward to contributing
>>and soliciting advice. Car is cosmetically almost perfect, and I really like
>>the look of it in white. 90K mi., stone stock, UFO's,all belts, incl. timing
>>and H2O pump done, new plugs, wires, cap and rotor. Seems to run fine, 1.7
>>bar, brakes smooth, but does sway much more than the S4.
>Sounds like it has tired shocks...I installed Bilstein HDs on our TQW and 
>am very satisfied.
>>  Also runs very
>>cool, I think less than 80C, but I'll have a better impression once I get
>>her home. Anyway, once in the driveway, I'll be replacing brake and
>>hydraulic fluids, probably brake hoses, greasing driveshaft CV joints,
>>checking those plugs and rotor (should be a euro only item, right),
>Rod at TPC has had the correct Bosch p/n in stock, check w/ him.
>>  checking
>>boots, hoses,etc. And perusing Chris's and Scott's web sites for info. Any
>>advice, like " if this was my car, I'd do/check this", I'm all ears. Also,
>>this is going to be a tow vehicle, so any advice or BTDT with trailer
>>hitches, I'd  love to hear about it.  TIA
>Things to check...Check for stored codes, crankcase breather hose (they 
>tend to disintegrate), you also want to check the fuse for the radiator 
>fan...I'd recommend replacement as it's <$1 part, the functioning of the 
>after run pump, and the functioning of the rear parking brake...it appears 
>that alot of owners don't use them or change fluid regularly, which leads 
>to corrosion on the e-brake shaft on the rear calipers, which in turn 
>affects the performance of the rear calipers and the brake bias 
>adjustment  all-around.
>Peter Schulz
>1990 CQ
>1991 200 20v TQW
>Chelmsford, MA USA
>peschulz at cisco.com
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