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I used one of those on a temp basis when my fuse blew (after 9 years and over 100k miles in salty New England). Given miles/years of use, I thought the stock system was OK.

Those "sealed" fuses are not air tight; not sure if they're an improvement.  I think off hand that the stock fuse was 80 amp, and is probably identical to the one used for the diesel rabbit...

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<< I've just gutted the fusible link portion and installed a 50AMP blade-type
fuse...bent the blades out, drilled a hole in each leg, and screwed it in
place of the fusible link.  I keep a spare in glove box.  Since the fuse is
sealed, it doesn't seem to get the oxidation and breaking apart that the
fusible link does (40K miles, 2 years, and still going strong in salty
Wisconsin winters).


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BTST, but on my car luckily I noticed the coolant gauge start rising, so I
knew I had a problem and pulled over. Took me a while to find that invisible
crack in the fuse without a meter in a parking lot though. Similarly, when
my afterun pump cracked apart, I got a low coolant level alarm and was able
to pull over before the motor got too hot.

Maybe the fuse should be changed as part of the timing belt maint just to
keep a good interval? My "new" fuse is already warped after only 10k miles
or so. Enough run cycles and I'm sure it will crack. The old one had 100k
miles on it. Also, it's not a bad idea to carry a correctly sized pipe (or
spare pump) to put in place of the recirc pump in case of failure there on
the road.

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> Peter writes:
> > You also want to check the fuse for the radiator fan...I'd recommend
> replacement as it's <$1 part
> Um, no. On my 200T, it was a $3500 part.
> :(
> Damn thing *cracked* and kept the fan from running, with disastrous
> It was not obvious that it had cracked either...I'd consider this a
> consumable item, to be changed regularly.
> Of course, the fact that it failed also got us to sell the 200T after it
> repaired, replacing it with an A6 quattro avant...which got me to sell my
> truck, replacing that vehicle with an S6 avant. So I guess it wasn't all
> bad. Rather expensive, once you add in the additional transactions, but
> the hell. :)
> Lee
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