[200q20v] Tinted Avant

Dale McCormack dale at themccormacks.org
Tue Feb 27 10:02:48 EST 2001

I had my 200 tqw professionally tinted from a local (non-franchise) guy
about a year ago and have been very pleased.  Of the four tints
available I think I got #2 (lightest to darkest) for the
driver/passenger windows and #3 for the balance of the car.  It's the
Pearl White color and the contrast is quite attractive, I think.  No
bubbles or cracking since. I think I remember paying about $235 for

BTW I also had him place a 4" (appx.) "sun visor" strip along the top of
the windshield and it too works great.  Unobtrusive, but very
Planning the same additions on my wife's sedan this spring.

Happy Motoring,

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