[200q20v] Need steps for radio "SAFE" mode

Keith Bedard KBedard at TDPC.COM
Tue Feb 27 11:41:01 EST 2001

Hi all,

Saturday I installed my new Euro lights.  These are a must have!  The
difference is unreal.  Big money, but I consider the US lights a safety

At any rate, having my battery disconnected caused the radio to go into the
"SAFE" mode.  I do not have the manual for the radio, and am not sure what
the procedure is for unlocking the "SAFE" code.  I did, however, find
written in the glovebox owner's manual, written in pencil, the 4-digit radio
code.  Could somebody give me the correct procedure?

Keith Bedard
Westminster & Medford, MA
'91 200q20v

Nice seeing a bunch of nice people and nice cars at John Harvard's Brew
House in Framingham Sunday night!  Can't wait for another gathering like
that, but in nicer weather...

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