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George J. Grubr George at CONNECTEL-US.COM
Tue Feb 27 11:51:52 EST 2001

ha ha, 45 minutes with torch in -26C will teach you not to leave the brake
on in the winter ..... did that on my Scirrocco many years ago with drums on
rear and never did it again ....

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I regularly exercise the ebrake on both my neuS4tt and my wife's urS6A, to
ensure they don't seize. Well, guess what? We were skiing in Canada last
week with the S6A, and I set the ebrake. Next morning, loaded up the kids,
started down the mountain road from the condo to the lodge, and discovered
the ebrake was frozen. Turned the quattro into a Camaro with bald rear
tires, a high idle, and an automagic transgression. 360-ville. As soon as I
depressed the clutch pedal, the rear wheels locked up. "Wow, honey, this is
fun! Could you keep the screaming down please?" Descending with locked rear
wheels was exciting, too much so to continue. After one 360 concluded, I
went uphill in 1st, turned around, and descended the entire road in 1st.
Never touched the clutch. Thanks to TORSEN, the rear wheels kept turning,
and the heat buildup eventually melted the ebrake. TORSEN or a locker would
have done it, but an open center diff or FWD and I would have been toast.
The ebrake is not seized, it operates normally now, releases fine, so I
think somehow some snow or ice got packed in there and froze it. In any
event, the S6A needs new rear pads and rotors, so I'll have a peek at the
ebrakes then.
-Ian Duff.
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Things to check...and the functioning of the rear parking brake...it appears
that alot of owners don't use them or change fluid regularly, which leads
to corrosion on the e-brake shaft on the rear calipers, which in turn
affects the performance of the rear calipers and the brake bias
adjustment  all-around.

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