[200q20v] OIL DRAIN PLUG

Richard Beels beels at technologist.com
Tue Feb 27 20:41:23 EST 2001

What on do on my 90Qs (and have no idea right now if it's similar on the 
200) is first break the seal with the filter wrench.  Then, since the 
filter is mounted with the threaded end on top, I grab a 1 gallon zip-lock 
bag and with a couple pieces of duct tape, tape it over the filter.  I then 
spin the filter off by hand (takes a little longer because you need to use 
smaller twists so as not to twist off the bag).  One hand goes underneath 
the filter in the "spin the basketball on your finger" position.  When the 
filter drops, this hand keeps it from ripping the bag free from the duct 
tape.  Maintain this position for about a minute and then remove the bag 
yourself.  Pour the excess oil into the drain pan and 
then....    waaa-laaa! just zip up the filter, stick it in the new filter's 
box and toss the it in the trash.

At 05:59 PM 2/27/2001,  Phil Rose was inspired to say:

>Now, if someone could come up with a nice *clean* way to remove that oil 


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