[200q20v] V8 vs old S4/S6 in reliability and handling

Edward J Kellock ekellock at juno.com
Tue Feb 27 23:50:12 EST 2001

I've read a couple of comments about the reliability of the
V8 being less desirable than the S4.  I would certainly disagree
with that as would several other V8 owners.  There may be a
bit of a higher incidence of repairs due to age, but reliability
is very good with the V8.  

The altitude equation is a no brainer.  The V8 certainly won't
be embarrassed but you'll be working harder more of the time
than in any turbo.  And of course, possible mods are numerous
with the S, nearly nonexistent with the V8

Colorado Springs
91 v8q 5spd
89 200q mc2
87 Coupe GT
74 Mercedes 280

On Tue, 27 Feb 2001 21:15:09 -0700 "Calvin & Diana Craig"
<calvinlc at earthlink.net> writes:
> As someone who just moved from a '91 200TQ to a '92 S4 I must say 
> that I
> like the S4 more and more everyday.  It sort of depends on what you 
> want.
> The V-8 is definitely the way to go for the cruiser, but for 
> acceleration,
> handling, reliability, etc.  I would say the S4 is a winner.  As far 
> as
> handling goes I don't think the V-8 comes close to the 51%/49% 
> Front/Rear
> weight distribution and the linear pull of the turbo is great.  I 
> simply
> won't do the normally aspirated thing because I live in Denver where 
> turbos
> make a HUGE difference.  The other thing is the aftermarket mods for 
> the S4
> are much more productive than those for the V-8s.  One thing I will 
> have to
> say about the S4, though, is that I don't know who decided to 
> redesign the
> window and seat memory controls from the 200 but they should be 
> shot!
> --Calvin
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