[200q20v] new shocks/springs on order; what consumables should be replaced?

Brett Dikeman brett at brettd.dsl.speakeasy.net
Wed Feb 28 11:27:54 EST 2001

On Wed, 28 Feb 2001 linust at mindspring.com wrote:

> You don't say which H&R springs you purchased.  I installed Bilsteins
> and H&R springs for the V8 on my 91 200q--didn't touch the wheels &
> tires.  Lowered the car just a touch more than a half-inch all
> around.  Much stiffer ride from the beginning.  But the car seemed more
> squirelly--didn't want to take a set and stablize itself on curves and
> freeway exits/onramps.  Car required much more attention to drive.  I
> finally got much crisper handling...a year later once I changed over to
> either 16 or 17 wheels & tires (stock '92 S4 16x8 with 225/50-16 or BBS
> RX 17x8 with 235/45-17) If you are still running the OEM 15" BBS wheels
> and 215/60-15 size rubber, you will find that you overwork the
> tires--too much sidewall height and flex, and the spring's stiffness
> works them hard.  Essentially, I feel the spring upgrade without wider,
> lower profile tires upsets the car's overall suspension balance.  

Hi Linus,

Yes, for now I'm going to keep the stock wheels, and they'll be winter
rims if I can convince the folks to store them for me.  As I said in an
earlier post, I'm planning on going to 17x7.5's or 8.5's(probably 7.5's,
due to cost of wheels, cost of wider tires, and possible clearance
problems w/ the car loaded down that I don't want to have to deal
with.)  The rims/tires will probably get put on when it's safe to say no
more snow is coming our way.

The H&R's that I purchased were #29800.  I decided to go with bilsteins

a)my family has been seriously burned by Konis(my father got an
airbag in the face because one of his Konis completely failed; caused a
LOT of damage); they have a reputation for lots of failures(I've spoken to
mechanics who spend a lot of time checking them over before they go
into a car...

and b)I've been in&driven, Greg's car and was pleased with how the car
"conducted" itself.  It's also a combo that seemed to do him well at
q-club events, which I'm hoping to catch a few of this year.


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