[200q20v] Stalling 200 - The rest of it

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Wed Feb 28 11:38:40 EST 2001

Not sure why it has the 100 listed only...  My understanding is that stalling 
*is* a VSS problem that is contained within the speedometer assembly. 
According to the TSB, for the documents associated with that, one would need 
to find the reference as quoted in sections 90-110 and 90-190, which I don't 
have with me.  However, given how I remember the VSS works, I really doubt 
that it's a 100 only problem (tho maybe only reported as such at the time of 
the bulletin).  I'll try to dig on this some more when I get to the shop.

All that said, stalling on decel would have me going after the BPV first, 
then chasing the speedo problem.  In my past fixes of this speedo problem wrt 
the circuit board, the customer complaint isn't either a bouncing speedo *or* 
a stalling problem, but a cruise control diagnostic issue chased uphill 
(intermittent bouncing speedo causing CC to disengage).

In a message dated 2/28/01 10:05:40 AM Central Standard Time, C1J1Miller 

> Well, the TSB seems to say stalling only is an issue with the 1990 on 100 (
> that's using the .  Any thoughts on why, and would this affect the motronic 
> engine management on the 3B in question?
>  Only thought I had was perhaps there is a speed signal that is going to 
> ground; but I don't think that is a signal used by the Motronic.  The ECU 
> uses engine speed as an input...
>  Chris

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