[200q20v] radiator fuse

Ken Keith auditude at neta.com
Wed Feb 28 10:12:01 EST 2001

Can you run two fuses in parallel as a failsafe?  If you do, would 
one/they still blow at the proper current?



On 27 Feb 2001, at 9:16, Lee M. Levitt wrote:

> Peter writes:
> > You also want to check the fuse for the radiator fan...I'd recommend
> replacement as it's <$1 part
> Um, no. On my 200T, it was a $3500 part.
> :(
> Damn thing *cracked* and kept the fan from running, with disastrous
> results. It was not obvious that it had cracked either...I'd consider
> this a consumable item, to be changed regularly.
> Of course, the fact that it failed also got us to sell the 200T after
> it was repaired, replacing it with an A6 quattro avant...which got me
> to sell my truck, replacing that vehicle with an S6 avant. So I guess
> it wasn't all bad. Rather expensive, once you add in the additional
> transactions, but what the hell. :)

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