[200q20v] Re: [s-cars] Thermostat: 80C vs 87C

Igor Kessel ikessel at amexol.net
Wed Feb 28 21:28:37 EST 2001

"Martin, Gary G" wrote:
> Okay, I'm going to beat this horse some more.. S4/200 I5 engine. Which
> thermostat, 87C or 80C. I know this has been discussed before. Looking at
> Bently it refers in several places to "bring engine to operating temp of
> 80C" and then in the coolant section states " thermostat opens at 87C and
> closes?? at 102C". Bad wording there, I think they mean it's totally open at
> 102C. I know from prior discussions that S4 seems to  have some 80, some 87.

My UrS6 came with the 80°C one. I replaced it with the 87°C.

> Does anybody know for sure which is correct and/or does it make any
> difference?  Your FINAL answer please. :-)

Yes, I do. I have FINALLY stopped freezing my a$$ in the winter.

Igor Kessel
'97 S6, PA plate "KBATTPO"
'98 A4, PA plate "KBATPO"

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