[200q20v] 3 pin vs. 4 pin multi... now lights

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<< Question?

Ok, I put in my Euros this weekend - Love them, but now I don't have any
side marker lights, does anyone know how to remedy this situation? Scotts
info does not mention this. Also does anyone know if clear/white side marker
lights are available for the car?

And is there any secret to getting the chrome strips to snap on to the new

Thanks >>

The side marker/turn signal lights could likely be switched to dual-filament 
bulbs rather easily.  They're the same as Jettas from about 2 generations 
ago, so various colors are available.

If you look at the euros, you'll see the front lens actually wraps around a 
bit (.3 inch?) so you can see the lights from the side.  I've considered a 
faint orange paint (permanent marker?) on this portion to make them "legal".  
The city light within the main bulb housing should qualify as a separate 

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