[200q20v] Recaro Retrofit??

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If you find info to the contrary, I'm very interested in hearing about
it, but this is what I've found when I looked into this last year:

Type 44 (as well as A4s) with power seats do not have the manual seat
tracks in the floorpan. Because of this, you would need to remove
the seats and carpeting, weld in the tracks for the manual seats onto
the floorpan, recarpet and then mount the adapter brackets onto the
new manual seat tracks.

This is obviously a problem and cost-prohibitive for most people,
unless you're building a race car and/or don't care about how it looks.

If you find a way to adapt the current power seat tracks (I have
no idea how you'd do this) to use other seats, I'd like to know, although
my 200q has a really nice set of sport seats in there already that I
probably wouldn't want to replace, and my 5ktq does as well.


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Happy New Year Audi Fans!!

Does anybody have any experience in retrofitting non-OEM Recaro seats into a
200q20v?  I am thinking of getting used BMW/OEM supplied Recaro sport seats
and would like to know what mounting adapter(s) may be available or what is
required to fabricate a set.  I do not care - or want - to retain the power
operation; manually adjustable is fine with me and will certainly ease the
installation/modification(s).  Any thoughts? Thanks.

Chris Hemberger
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Stanadyne Automotive Corp.
Windsor, CT
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