[200q20v] Translation [was: 3 pin vs. 4 pin multifunction temp sender?]

Peer Oliver Schmidt (the internet company) pos at theinternet.de
Wed Jan 3 09:30:08 EST 2001

One more reason I do not like Babelfish:
	Zuverlässigkeit ist der einzige Grund

Does not sound much better either, I admit :-)

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>  >Reliability is the only issue.
>Bernie's pithy phrase--in German, of course-- might be more appropriate
>our Audis than is "Vorsprung durch Technik". :-)

According to Babelfish,

"Zuverlässigkeit ist die einzige Ausgabe"

Hmm,  not quite as elegant sounding.  Then again, babelfish is
infamous for some really odd translations.

PS: for the curious: "Projection/lead by technique"

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