[200q20v] Intercooler Seal

Derek Pulvino DPulvino at agraus.com
Wed Jan 3 10:31:48 EST 2001

Thanks for the number, called the shop and they said they had also gotten ahold of one of the other local dealerships and found the same part number.  Part is now on it's way.  And I'm guessing family album is the Audi parts fiche?  If so, sounds like it's only as good as it's operator.

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>>> Peter Schulz <peschulz at cisco.com> 01/03/01 10:24AM >>>
At 10:08 AM 1/3/2001 -0800, you wrote:
>Does anybody know the part number or somehow to locate the part number for 
>the intercooler inlet o-ring seal on the 3b engine.  Couldn't find 
>anything on TPC's website; the shop I'm going through contacted one of the 
>local dealerships in regards to this, but found them to be worthless in 
>this respect.  Was able to find info on the locale and existence of the 
>piece via Chris's and Scott's site, but nothing about a part number.
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My resource in family album questions, Edgar, states that the part number 
is N 904 324 01 O ring size 70 x4N


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