[200q20v] First Post. No 20v yet.

Gerald R Stanley bimnut at juno.com
Wed Jan 3 13:37:17 EST 2001

Experienced Audi Freaks:
I'm considering coming over from the BMW side. Recent car history: 1970
2500 (2 of them), 1973 Bavaria (much modified), 1986 528e, 1991 318is.
The '91 20V Quattro Turbo wagon is extremely tempting an ass-hauling
family vehicle to replace the venerable 528e.
I've always done my own car work, including engine rebuilds, welding and
electrical stuff.
Am I insane to think the 20v would be a reliable "wife & kids" car?
Are they old enough now that they are only suitable for constant
Can they still be found with life remaining? I don't want a project --
It seems that there is a lot to go wrong: 4wd, turbo. Would a '95 A6
wagon be a better choice?
How does the fun quotient of the two vehicles compare?
The 20VQTW 5-speed sounds like a car nut's dream come true, given that I
have a family to move around.
Advice much appreciated,
Gerald Stanley
Lexington, KY.

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