[200q20v] First Post. No 20v yet.

Max Conover maxesales at home.com
Wed Jan 3 14:20:41 EST 2001


I know you from the BMW world, you are one of my good customers. Sshhh,
don't tell the Bimmerheads that Max of Maximillian Importing Company (a
mail order company for BMW parts) owns a 91 200 20v wagon. Yes, I know
they would consider it high treason, but BMW has really ignored this

My criteria for a family car for myself now that I am a DAD was: had to
be German, stick, over 200 hp, all wheel drive, air bag, big safe car,
and under 15K. Well you can guess where I ended up: a dark blue 91 wagon
with 75K for 10K. Sure it needed a tune up and fluids change with some
other sensors and oil leaks fixed, but it is a blast to drive !!!! 

Coming from the BMW world, where you steer with your foot, I think I
need to go to an Audi driving school cause this car goes upto 100 mph
without you even knowing it and the sensation in the curves is not what
I am use to at such speeds. 

The parts prices are somewhat crazy. They make a BMW look cheap. I have
thought about doing for this market what I have done for the classic BMW
parts market. 

This list is a great resource and everybody helps each other out. The
only problem with them: they are so damn rare and that makes your
choices (color, milage, etc.) slim.

Have fun,

Gerald R Stanley wrote:
> Experienced Audi Freaks:
> I'm considering coming over from the BMW side. Recent car history: 1970
> 2500 (2 of them), 1973 Bavaria (much modified), 1986 528e, 1991 318is.
> The '91 20V Quattro Turbo wagon is extremely tempting an ass-hauling
> family vehicle to replace the venerable 528e.
> I've always done my own car work, including engine rebuilds, welding and
> electrical stuff.
> Am I insane to think the 20v would be a reliable "wife & kids" car?
> Are they old enough now that they are only suitable for constant
> tinkering?
> Can they still be found with life remaining? I don't want a project --
> yet.
> It seems that there is a lot to go wrong: 4wd, turbo. Would a '95 A6
> wagon be a better choice?
> How does the fun quotient of the two vehicles compare?
> The 20VQTW 5-speed sounds like a car nut's dream come true, given that I
> have a family to move around.
> Advice much appreciated,
> Gerald Stanley
> Lexington, KY.
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