[200q20v] First Post. No 20v yet.

Brandon Hull brandon at cardinalpartners.com
Wed Jan 3 15:53:49 EST 2001

Gerald, lot's of others on this list can give you the details of what
specific issues are, and Chris Miller's site is a pretty exhaustive

But just to weigh in on the bigger questions, the '91twq is a _superb_
family car:  comfortable, reliable, safe, and quick as stink on track days.
Coming from bmws the maintenance issues won't be any pricetag shock.
Failure items are not likely what you suspect:  mechanicals like turbos and
awd are generally very reliable.  Hydraulics are a weak point, and
electronic gremlins can be complicated to diagnose.  Timing belt changes are
essential and are non trivial (tho frequently done) DIY chores or expensive
dealer visits.  

If you can find one, jump on it.  I've recommended them to two relatives
now, which I'd never do if I wasn't confident they'd be delighted.  

Good luck,

Brandon Hull
ersatz S2, with the heart of a '91 tqw

> Experienced Audi Freaks:
> I'm considering coming over from the BMW side. Recent car 
> history: 1970
> 2500 (2 of them), 1973 Bavaria (much modified), 1986 528e, 1991 318is.
> The '91 20V Quattro Turbo wagon is extremely tempting an ass-hauling
> family vehicle to replace the venerable 528e.
> I've always done my own car work, including engine rebuilds, 
> welding and
> electrical stuff.
> Am I insane to think the 20v would be a reliable "wife & kids" car?
> Are they old enough now that they are only suitable for constant
> tinkering?
> Can they still be found with life remaining? 

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