[200q20v] Info about Recent 200q20v sales

Keith Maddock Keith.Maddock at trw.com
Wed Jan 3 15:22:00 EST 2001

As you may have read before, my 200 was recently totaled by a carport that was knocked down by a u-haul truck.  I'm currently fighting with my insurance company for the valuation of the vehicle.

So far they are offering 8559 (including tax) which is based on the following #'s:

NADA value: $7775 ( 9150 - 1375 for mileage)
MI vehicle sales:  
$7065  111k miles
$8500 160k miles
$7000 unknown mileage

I really dont know how to dispute a NADA value, but these sales values seem pretty low.  I'm sure he found more than that and picked the lowest ones.  

However, he said if i could provide some hard numbers with SALE price for comparable vehicles, he would consider them.  Many thanks to Gary Anderson for his spreadsheet with several vehicles, I have started out by submitting that information to the insurance guy.

He said he would NOT consider an appriasal from my audi mechanic, nor my repair history or anything.  ONLY hard sales numbers.

If anyone else has bought or sold a 200 20v in the last year, PLEASE email me with the transaction price as well as a brief description of the condition/options/upgrades..

Many thanks in advance for the help, I'm not going down without a fight :)

BTW, this also means I'm in the market for a 91-95.5 200q20v or S4/S6 if you have one for sale or know of any good leads :)

Keith Maddock, TRW Automotive
Controls Engineering, Traction Control 
Livonia, MI
(734) 266 - 3971
keith.maddock at trw.com

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