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Wed Jan 3 23:03:09 EST 2001

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> Hi,
>  btw nice home web site u got there.
>  my problem is with my 1989 audi 200 turbo.
>  I removed the plug wires from the distributor cap & cleaned the 
> cap & rotor with a contact cleaner.
>  my problem is that I don't know that I should have memmorized the right 
> connection from wires to dist cap.
>  my car wont start now.
>  could u help my how to properly connect the wires to the dist cap, which 
> goes where?.
>  Thanks,
>  Oliver M. Llenado

Firing order is 1-2-4-5-3
Cylinder #1 is at the front of the engine, and at the front-most position on 
the distributor cap.  There should be a metal "scribe" line on the metal body 
of the distributor under the edge of the cap, right by the #1 cylinder 
position.  Follow the order around clockwise.

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