[200q20v] Info about Recent 200q20v sales

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Thu Jan 4 01:59:29 EST 2001

Keith, see additional notes below.....some more thoughts I missed when we 
talked, Gary Anderson

Subject: [200q20v] Info about Recent 200q20v sales

As you may have read before, my 200 was recently totaled by a carport that 
was knocked down by a u-haul truck.  I'm currently fighting with my insurance 
company for the valuation of the vehicle.

So far they are offering 8559 (including tax) which is based on the following 
My Insurance company gave me a comparable quote for my car, not including tax 
and fees, using ADP/Autosource as the database.  Perhaps a lister has an 
account and will run one for you(?).  #%&&*## Allstate uses ADP/Autosource, 
and one of their supervisors let slip that the ADP value can be affected by 
how the request is submitted to ADP for a car valuation estimate, so one 
needs to watch that one.
BTW, here in Washington State, we are entitled to see the documentation the 
insurance company uses to determine value. Request copies of his 
documentation, doesn't hurt to ask.........

NADA value: $7775 ( 9150 - 1375 for mileage)
MI vehicle sales:  
$7065  111k miles
$8500 160k miles
$7000 unknown mileage

I really dont know how to dispute a NADA value, but these sales values seem 
pretty low.  I'm sure he found more than that and picked the lowest ones.  
Suggest getting both the Kelly's Blue Book, and Edmunds (sp?) car book 
values, I think they tend to be higher than the NADA Yellow Book.  You can 
hit them on-line, and get your own print out, or public libraries have them, 
and you can see the different adjustments to make to basic car values.

However, he said if i could provide some hard numbers with SALE price for 
comparable vehicles, he would consider them.  Many thanks to Gary Anderson 
for his spreadsheet with several vehicles, I have started out by submitting 
that information to the insurance guy.

He said he would NOT consider an appraisal from my audi mechanic, nor my 
repair history or anything.  ONLY hard sales numbers.
Hire your own independent appraiser for an evaluation, might cost ~$150, and 
if favorable, give it to him, more facts and data to dispute his position.  
Appraiser can give better valuation of your mods too.

If anyone else has bought or sold a 200 20v in the last year, PLEASE email me 
with the transaction price as well as a brief description of the 
Keith, if you get more sales information and car data, maybe we can keep the 
spreadsheet current by passing it around when other 20v'ers need it, 
hopefully not.
Do not be in a hurry to settle, just say no as long as possible.

Many thanks in advance for the help, I'm not going down without a fight :)

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