[s-cars] [200q20v] Info about Recent 200q20v sales

Chris Covington malth at umich.edu
Thu Jan 4 11:39:01 EST 2001

I see the guy dug up comparable sales for other 200q20vs...  

Firstly I'd run the vins on those w/Carfax to make sure they weren't
regular 200s or 90 200s or something - when I was fighting with my
insurance company over the value of my CQ they provided some local "sales"
by VIN only that were of 90q20vs and even one 80q, which are both
completely different models and have less selling value, apparently.
First the guy played dumb:  "But they're the same - 80s/90s/Coupes..." and
I had to explain the fact that they weren't, which I'm sure knew already.

Oh and I tried the KAR, etc. thing and my insurance company (AAA Michigan)
said they weren't the same markets - Minnesota even - and so he couldn't
use those numbers.  If you could find a local dealer that would help alot.
I'm not sure how they can expect to compare local sales when the car
itself only originally existed in quantities of 1100 in all of North
America - but if you could find one local $16,000 sale or something in
that case you'd be sitting pretty.

Secondly - what did he evaluate the condition of the 200q20v as?  He
probably just submitted it as being "average," etc., so it would help to
mention that your car wasn't in average shape - ask him the condition of
the sold cars, dispute your own (miles does not = condition, etc.), and
therefore those sales numbers of average-shape cars don't completely apply
to your situation.  That's where I managed to get my money back - they try
to obscure that from you as well.

And you could always last-ditchly try to 


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