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Forhan, Thomas Thomas.Forhan at mail.house.gov
Thu Jan 11 11:21:22 EST 2001

Sounds to me like they did not reinstall the little plastic gear
thingamawacky to the proper index point. IMHO, a body shop should be able to
properly reassemble your door, even if it is an Audi.

To do it yourself, there is a lot of small parts you have to remove and
reset, so if you have not done it before I would want a warm space or
someway to keep my hands warm. It is not brain surgery. Maybe you could
point out the problem and see if the body shop would give you a place to
work for a couple of hours.  It would take me that long first time, but I'm
a slow learner. With the experience I've gained, I could do it in about
twenty minutes, start to finish.

Tom Forhan
Unwilling veteran of three door lock repairs :-(.

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> Glad to see order has been restored to the list........many 
> thanks again to
> Dan for his efforts.  While the list was down, my ongoing 
> door lock woes
> continued.  After repair to the driver's side door 
> post-accident (body shop
> did an excellent job on the sheet metal and repainting) I  
> discovered that
> the central locking function driver's side no longer worked.  
> Took it back
> to the body shop and they determined the pot metal piece had 
> broken.  OK, so
> they ordered the replacement kit for the 200q door locks from the
> dealership.  Since I was not paying for the repairs (covered 
> by insurance) I
> reluctantly let the body shop attempt to get the door locks 
> operational.
> They had the car for 4 more days (had to wait 2 days to get 
> parts and 2 days
> to repair!) I get the car back.  Central locking now 
> functions but alarm is
> not deactivating upon unlocking.  Still get the same "beep" 
> from the alarm
> when locking but when I unlock the car from the driver's 
> side, the alarm
> frequently does not disarm so that as soon as I enter the car 
> and put the
> key in the ignition the alarm goes off.
> Since the body shop attempted in good faith to restore the 
> locks to status
> quo ante accident, got the replacement kit at no cost to me, 
> I can't really
> fault them since they are not overly familiar with Audis.  
> However, I'm
> reluctant to let them tinker with it again.  Lack of a garage or other
> heated work space complicates my desire to tackle this 
> problem outdoors now,
> but if it is a relatively quick fix then I may do it.  I 
> looked over Scott's
> page devoted to the door locks and I don't seem to recall 
> this particular
> issue.  Anybody have similar experiences with the alarm deactivation
> problem?
> Sorry for the boring details.  Thanks much for any advice, as always.
> Mark 
> mtrank at albemarle.org
> mtrank at exch.co.albemarle.va.us
> 91 200q20v 84k miles
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