[200q20v] door locks

Phil & Judy Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Thu Jan 11 20:53:46 EST 2001

"Forhan, Thomas" wrote:
> Sounds to me like they did not reinstall the little plastic gear
> thingamawacky to the proper index point. IMHO, a body shop should be able to
> properly reassemble your door, even if it is an Audi.
> To do it yourself, there is a lot of small parts you have to remove and
> reset, so if you have not done it before I would want a warm space or
> someway to keep my hands warm. It is not brain surgery. Maybe you could
> point out the problem and see if the body shop would give you a place to
> work for a couple of hours.  It would take me that long first time, but I'm
> a slow learner. With the experience I've gained, I could do it in about
> twenty minutes, start to finish.


Is that twenty minutes including removing and reinstalling
the door panel?  I'd like to see that (he said,
skeptically)! But if you want to do a demo on Mark's car,
please invite me and I'll act as the bookie for the betting
pool. Art Mayhew of Salisbury Motor Car is very proud of his
45 minute record. As for me, I'm gonna need more experience
to work my time down from the 2 days ordeal I encountered on
my car (or was it 3?). As you say, it's definitely a
heated-garage job this time of year.:-) 


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