[200q20v] Re: Stupid question- sidemarker lights - do it yourself! its cheap and easy!

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Sat Jan 13 12:52:00 EST 2001

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> Does anyone sell clear/smoked side marker lights for
> the '91 200q20v? They are rectangular lights,
> different from the later A4/A6/A8 side markers,
> which are square and then later on, elliptical.
> Also, does anyone sell clear/smoked front turn
> signal lights?

why?  you can do it yourself.  email me for pics of the blacked out lights on 
my '86 5kT..   the stuff is called "Night shades" works great, they sell it 
at A&A auto or any FLAPS.  Better result than Treser!!!  and cheaper than a 
set of V8 Taillites!!!!
'86 5kT - sport interior, foha wing, A4/A8 16" 5 spoke alloys, "Treser style" 
smoked taillights/front marker lites, etc..    email me for pics
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